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Complete Solutions for Asphalt Repair and Resurfacing From Kitchener To Cambridge

Is your asphalt surface showing signs of wear and tear? Do you have cracks, potholes, or uneven areas that need attention? Tri-City Paving Inc offers reliable and high-quality asphalt repair and resurfacing services in Kitchener and cambridge. Our experienced team utilizes industry-leading techniques and materials to restore the durability and smoothness of your asphalt surfaces. Contact us to get a free estimate on our Paving Services in Cambridge, and read on to know why you should get your asphalt pavement repaired promptly. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

Asphalt Repair in Kitchener and Cambridge

Over time, exposure to harsh weather conditions, heavy traffic, and other factors can cause damage to your asphalt surfaces. Prompt asphalt repair is crucial to prevent further deterioration and potential safety hazards. Our asphalt repair services in Kitchener and Cambridge address a range of issues, including:

Pothole repairs

Crack sealing

Surface patching

Drainage repairs

And more

With our expertise and attention to detail, we can assess the condition of your asphalt and provide tailored repair solutions that address the specific issues present. Our goal is to restore the integrity of your asphalt surfaces and ensure long-lasting performance.

Asphalt Resurfacing in Kitchener and Cambridge

If your asphalt surfaces have extensive damage or have reached the end of their lifespan, asphalt resurfacing can be a cost-effective solution. Our asphalt resurfacing services in Kitchener and Cambridge involve applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface, providing a smooth and durable finish.

Benefits of asphalt resurfacing include:

Restored appearance and improved curb appeal

Improved safety by eliminating cracks, potholes, and uneven areas

Enhanced durability and functionality

Extended lifespan of the asphalt surfaces

Our skilled team will assess the condition of your asphalt and determine if resurfacing is the most suitable option. We utilize top-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure a seamless, long-lasting resurfacing result.

Asphalt Repair vs. Resurfacing: Choosing the Right Solution

When addressing asphalt issues, choosing the right solution is essential based on the condition of your surfaces. At Tri-City Paving Inc, we provide both asphalt repair and resurfacing services in Kitchener and Cambridge to meet the unique needs of our clients. Here's a comparison to help you understand the difference between the two:

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repair is typically recommended for localized damage or specific problem areas on your asphalt surfaces. This option involves fixing potholes, cracks, and drainage problems. The repair involves excavating the damaged area, preparing the base, and filling it with new asphalt material. Asphalt repair is a targeted approach that addresses specific problems while preserving the existing pavement.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing, on the other hand, is a more extensive solution that involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the entire surface. It is recommended when the existing asphalt has significant wear and tear, widespread cracking, or has reached the end of its lifespan. Resurfacing provides a fresh, smooth, and durable surface, enhancing the appearance and functionality of your asphalt areas.

Choosing the Right Solution

So, how do you determine whether asphalt repair or resurfacing is the right choice for your Kitchener property? Here are a few factors to consider:

The extent of damage:

Evaluate the overall condition of your asphalt surfaces. If the damage is limited to specific areas, repair might be sufficient. However, resurfacing may be more effective if there are extensive cracks, potholes, or surface deterioration throughout.

Budgetary considerations:

Asphalt repair is generally a more cost-effective option since it targets specific issues. Resurfacing, while providing more comprehensive results, may require a larger investment due to the additional materials and labour involved.

Long-term goals:

Consider your long-term plans for the property. If you're looking for a quick fix to address immediate concerns, a repair can provide a temporary solution. However, if you want to improve the overall appearance and extend the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces, resurfacing offers a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution.

At Tri-City Paving Inc, our experienced team will assess the condition of your asphalt surfaces and provide professional recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's repair or resurfacing, our goal is to deliver exceptional results that enhance your asphalt areas' durability, safety, and aesthetics.

Contact us today for a consultation and free estimate to determine the best approach for your asphalt repair or resurfacing project in Kitchener and Cambridge.

Make Your Asphalt Paving Smooth Again

We can do a fine resurfacing job on your pavement and driveway in Hamilton, Kitchener and Cambridge.

Paving Services in Cambridge and Kitchener

At Tri-City Paving Inc, we offer comprehensive paving services in Cambridge and Kitchener, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Our expertise in asphalt paving ensures durable, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces that enhance the functionality and curb appeal of your property.


Residential Paving

Transform your residential property with our expert paving cambridge solutions. Whether you need a new driveway, walkway, patio, or parking area, we have the skills and equipment to deliver exceptional results. Our residential paving services include:


  • Driveway Installation: Upgrade your home's entrance with a professionally installed asphalt driveway. We ensure proper grading, drainage, and compaction for a smooth and long-lasting surface.

  • Walkway and Patio Paving: Enhance the accessibility and visual appeal of your outdoor spaces with custom-designed walkways and patios. Our paving experts create functional and attractive pathways that complement your landscaping.

  • Parking Area Construction: Ensure ample parking space for your vehicles with our parking area construction services. We optimize space utilization and traffic flow while maintaining durability and safety standards.

Commercial Paving

For commercial properties, a well-maintained and properly paved surface is essential for business operations and customer satisfaction. Tri-City Paving Inc offers a range of commercial paving services, including:

  • Parking Lot Paving: Create a welcoming and functional parking area for your customers and employees. We design and pave parking lots that meet accessibility requirements, traffic regulations, and aesthetic preferences.

  • Roadway Paving: Ensure smooth and safe traffic flow with our professional roadway paving services. From new construction projects to road maintenance and repairs, we handle all aspects of roadway paving with precision and efficiency.

  • Pathway and Sidewalk Paving: Enhance pedestrian accessibility and safety around your commercial property with our pathway and sidewalk paving solutions. We focus on durability, accessibility compliance, and visual appeal to create pedestrian-friendly environments.


Our team of experienced pavers uses high-quality materials, modern equipment, and proven techniques to deliver outstanding results. Whether you need residential or commercial paving services in Cambridge, Kitchener, or the surrounding areas, Tri-City Paving Inc is your trusted partner for reliable and professional paving solutions.


Maintenance Tips for Paved Surfaces

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your paved surfaces. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your asphalt driveways, parking lots, and pathways in optimal condition:


  • Regular Cleaning: Remove debris, leaves, and dirt from paved surfaces regularly to prevent buildup and potential damage.

  • Sealcoating: Apply a protective sealcoat every few years to extend the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces and enhance their appearance.

  • Crack Repair: Promptly address any cracks or potholes to prevent water infiltration and further deterioration. Fill cracks and patch damaged areas as soon as they appear.

  • Proper Drainage: Ensure adequate drainage to prevent water pooling and damage to the asphalt. Clear clogged drains and gutters to maintain proper water flow.

  • Snow and Ice Removal: During winter months, promptly remove snow and ice from paved surfaces using snowplows, shovels, or de-icing agents to prevent slips and falls.

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections by professional paving contractors to assess the condition of your paved surfaces and address any maintenance needs promptly.


By following these maintenance tips and investing in professional paving services, you can preserve the quality and functionality of your paved surfaces for years to come.

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