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At Tri-City Paving Inc, we guarantee our paving products and services for a period of 1 year against all workmanship and materials. We’ll repair any defects that arise in an industry-accepted manner. Defects associated with asphalt paving include, but are not limited to:

Cracking and splitting
Sinking or depressions of more than 10mm
Kneading or lifting
Excessive pitting or flaking

Some items excluded from the warranty include, but are not limited to:

Small superficial abrasions (tire marks)
Deterioration caused by solvent spill such as gasoline
Wild vegetation rooted deep in the sub soil
Cracking caused by underground piping, tree roots or items prone to heaving
Damage caused by negligent use of the asphalt surface

If you’ve any questions or to schedule your free estimate, call us today. Since our establishment, we have accredited our business with the Central Ontario Better Business Bureau.

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