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driveway maintenance

Did you know, regardless of the traffic it receives, that your driveway is subject to a ton of wear and tear every day?


Whether it's getting driven on with your car's tires or just enduring the elements, your driveway goes through a lot! That's why regular driveway maintenance is important to the longevity and appearance of your driveway.


Didn't know that your driveway required maintenance and upkeep? You're not alone! We're sharing our top driveway maintenance tips that will keep your driveway looking clean and in great condition. Just keep reading to learn more!




Our initial impulse is to rush out to the shop and buy some rock salt when it gets below freezing.


This easily melts the ice, however, it has a negative side effect. Your driveway may be harmed by the corrosive substances found in rock salt. Plus, you'll notice unsightly discoloration as the temperature rises.


Sand or cat litter can be used as an alternative to salt in this situation. These effectively reduce the amount of ice on the ground and give you and your vehicles some traction. Additionally, they won't harm your driveway.




A good sealer can quickly be eaten by oil and gas. It's time to start cleaning as soon as a stain appears. It will be more difficult to remove a stain the longer it is allowed to remain.


The asphalt's surface can disintegrate more quickly in the presence of specific chemicals or pollutants. Because of this, it's crucial to keep the surface as spotless as possible. Clean up any stains you see on the asphalt immediately.


To stop weeds from growing, you should also clear away any soil that ends up on the surface.




Standing water puddles may eventually result in potholes or other surface issues with your driveway. After a rain, try to dry off your driveway as soon as you can to prevent water pools from forming on it.


You should direct gutters away from your driveway to prevent water from entering those cracks. A suitable drainage system should be installed on your property to direct water away from the driveway. For example, a concrete edging drain can do wonders.



Asphalt may be made to last a lot longer by applying sealant. By reducing the effects of the elements on the asphalt's surface, this unique protective layer aids in extending the asphalt's lifespan.


As soon as the driveway is paved, it needs to be sealed. A fresh coat of seal coat ought to be put on occasion as part of routine maintenance to help with protection. Depending on how the asphalt ages, most experts advise recoating the surface every three to five years.


By strengthening the driveway and preventing the asphalt from separating, seal coating reduces the impact of fluctuating temperatures and bad weather. Get in the habit of repairing driveway damage when you notice it.




Keeping up with driveway maintenance helps extend the life of your driveway and keep it looking nice and spotless. It's simple to do and will make you feel good about the way your driveway looks.


You may always hire a paving professional to maintain your driveway for you if you don't have the time to do it yourself. Happy paving!


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