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Smooth Moves: The Art of Parking Lot Paving

If you put in some effort to take care of your businesses’ asphalt parking lot, it’ll hold up for a long time and give you your money’s worth. This blog post shares some tips on the maintenance of asphalt Parking Lots for residential and commercial property owners in Cambridge. Read on to learn more.


Springtime Parking Lot Care in Cambridge

  • Inspect your Parking Lot for signs of damage.

  • Clean your Parking Lot thoroughly and remove any remaining snow.

  • Protect your Parking Lot with sealing solutions.

  • Use this time to fix issues such as potholes and cracks.

  • Install edging to prevent the appearance of grass or weeds.


How do Professionals Quote an Asphalt Parking Lot Repair or Resurfacing?

Asphalt Parking Lots are very durable but even they can eventually sustain damage over time. From simple asphalt crack-filling jobs to extensive resurfacing projects, here are some factors that need to be considered when getting a quote for an asphalt Parking Lot repair or resurfacing job in Cambridge:


1. Condition of the Asphalt Parking Lot

The level of the surface damage and the condition of the base will be considered when calculating the costs.

2. Nature of the Problem

Here are the main issues that normally occur with asphalt paving:

  • Potholes

  • Cracks

  • Holes


3. Repair Type

The quote will also depend on the type of repair work required:

  • Hot patches – These are high-temperature patches that are used to fill cracks or holes up to 2 feet deep. They are long-lasting but cannot be applied on cold days.

  • Cold patches – These are usually less expensive than hot patch jobs and are normally used as temporary fixes to cover holes. They can be used all year round.

  • Infrared – This method uses infrared light to create seamless patches. It is also faster and more cost-effective than hot patches.

  • Saw cut – This is the most expensive type of patchwork and involves the removal of a damaged area, followed by the laying and compacting of new gravel and hot asphalt.


4. Excavation Needs

The need for excavation, such as in the case of standing water that needs to be drained, and the extent of the efforts required will also affect the costs of the project. This is also true of asphalt driveway Cambridge.

5. Slope of the Asphalt Parking Lot

If the Parking Lot is on a strong slope, especially at a grade of over 15%, it will need to be regraded before it can be repaired, which would increase the cost of the project.

6. Labour

The cost of labour will depend on how bad the damage is and how long it takes to repair.

7. Materials

Costs are largely based on the length of the crack or the area of the pothole that needs to be repaired. Larger damages require more materials and are thus more costly.

Call Your Asphalt Professionals in Cambridge Today

If you need professional assistance for the repair or resurfacing of your asphalt Parking Lot Cambridge, Springtime is the best time of year to complete asphalt repair solutions for both commercial and residential clients.

You can contact us to get a free estimate for your project, or learn more about our asphalt repair and resurfacing services in Cambridge.


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